Kindergym & Dance

Kindergym & Children's Yoga |  A preschool movement program for 3-6 year olds filled with games, exercise, ball handling, etc. Children MUST be out of diapers. 

Dates: Jan. 8th-Feb. 19th (No Class  Jan. 20th or Feb. 17th)

Time: Monday & Wednesday; 9:00-10:00am

Cost: $28 Members / $56 Non-Members

Kinderdance | A fun-filled class that allows students and parents to interact in a playful environment. Through stretching and movement exercises, children will improve their gross motor skills and musicality.  Parents and Guardians of all children are welcome to attend this class. 2 and 3-year old's must be accompanied by an adult.

Dates: Jan. 10- Feb. 21st  

Time: Fridays; 9:15-9:45am

Cost: $21 Members / $42 Non-Members